Workshops 2017


The last 3 years, and in particular 2016, have been devoted to writing a third book. It is due out Dec 2017. In the meantime I have started re-booking workshops for 2017, with the FIRST WORKSHOP BEING:

MARCH 14,15,16 For info contact Julie McGlone at


A more extensive schedule will be out in February

An Overview of Gordon's Watercolor Workshops
My workshops focus on all aspects of landscape painting in watercolors

My objective is to provide the opportunity for students to experiment with
new ways of painting. This could involve new techniques and procedures or
the use of new art knowledge, such as picture dynamics, atmospherics, colour
theory, etc.

During indoor workshops there will be ongoing demonstrations of procedures
and techniques related to a theme and suited to the participants levels and
perceived needs.

During outdoor workshop a demo and/or explanation of an objective or
technique starts the session. Because people are usually scattered further
demos and talks are impromtude as needed.

I am quite aware that imitation is a fundamental mode of learning and I have
no problem with that but I do try to encourage variations on the pictures
that I am demonstrating.  Replication is not important. How and why I am
doing something is, and that is what I want them to learn.

For the participants it's a time to try different approaches to painting, to
try new aspects of the medium. It is also a time to gather as much
information and ideas as possible to incorporate into their own work, in
what ever way they wish, once they are home..

I remind participants that what they learn in the workshop depends an what
they do next week. If they put their paints away, they'll loss everything.
If they re-do, in their own way, what they've tried in the workshop, then
all is theirs.

I take the term "work"shop literally. Students can expect a busy, tiring


Thanks again,
Gord MacKenzie